We are compliant with the annual NHS toolkit to assure us as a trusted organisation to share health and care data with NHS partners. We are compliant with the annual government security assurance to allow us to use the public service network for email and access to systems. We ask our services to complete a data protection impact assessment when making changes to processes, and for new systems and services. We ensure new suppliers have adequate data protection and security processes in place. Collected and processed lawfully for a specific and legitimate purpose, fairly and in a transparent manner. It will be stored for as long as required, as specified on our privacy notices and records retention policy.

In these cases, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee based on the administrative costs of supplying further copies if we consider a reasonable time period has not intervened since fulfilling a previous request. A child aged 12 or above are automatically able to exercise data protection rights. itservice-datenschutz with a lasting power of attorney appointed directly by the data subject or a Deputy appointed by the Court of Protection may exercise these rights. If we do not hear back from you with confirmation of your identity and/or sufficient information to respond to your request in one month,we will not be able to process your request and it will be treated as lapsed for accounting  purposes. Personal data is information which relates to a living person who can be identified from the information itself, or by linking it with other information.

The important thing is to ensure that a named individual in pharmacy business, or an external data protection advisor, takes proper responsibility for your data protection compliance and has the knowledge, support and authority to do so effectively. The council has a legal basis for gathering and processing of information necessary for the delivery of critical services. You have the right to request that the council stop processing your personal data in relation to any council service. Where possible, we will seek to comply with such requests but this may not be possible where the council is required to do so by law, to safeguard public safety, where there is a risk of harm and/or in emergency situations. Our comprehensive range of consultancy expertise greatly benefits organisations like yours by providing an expert, knowledgeable and independent perspective to your data protection compliance requirements.

Legal Basis For Processing Personal Data

It also obliges organisations to treat people’s data correctly, transparently and have systems in place for managing information. If you believe that the information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete you can ask us to correct this information free of charge. Please be clear and exact about what you believe is inaccurate and how we should correct it, including evidence of inaccuracies where possible. If we accept that information needs to be rectified we will write to any recipients we have shared this information with and ask them to correct or complete their data also.

Reminder: Scra Portal Being Replaced By National Care Records Service  (ncrs)

However, we will inform you in our ‘Privacy Notices’ of any instance where this may not be the case. If you have a questions or concern about how we are collecting or using your personal information, we would appreciate an opportunity to deal with your concerns before you contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We have additional protections on your information if it leaves the UK ranging from secure ways of transferring data to ensuring we have a robust contract in place with any third party who may transfer it out of the EU. But there are some occasions where your information may leave the UK either in order to get to another organisation or if it’s stored in a system outside of the EU. However, the right to object is not an absolute right and you must give specific reasons why you are objecting to the processing of your data. Personal information can be anything that identifies and relates to a living person.

Added to this challenge is that requests received must be acted upon within one month of receipt. You can request that we no longer process your personal data in certain ways. Please note, we will not automatically delete your data if you exercise your right to restrict processing.

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Data Protection Managed Services

Wirral Council has overall responsibility for a wide range of public services across our Local Authority Area and it is necessary to collect personal data to enable those services to be delivered to residents. We hold a variety of different categories of data depending on the relationship the council has with you. If you were accessing support via our Health and Social Services we may hold more sensitive data such as health or financial information.

In November 2020, data protection authorities in the EEA issued draft guidance, and the European Commission released a draft version of its updated SCCs. The European Commission also deliberated on a potential adequacy decision for the U.K. Please see our detailed guide to accessing your records (Word, 73KB) for details of acceptable documentation and further information about how to request access to your records. You will be required to provide documentary evidence of your identity and your current address. If you are making a request on behalf of somebody else, you will also need to provide evidence of your authority to act. If you require disclosure of information under these exemptions, the request for disclosure form must be completed in full and returned to the Data Protection Team via email at orthe address below.

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